In the atmosphere of composure and peace you will enjoy all kind of massage, forget everyday stress, find insouciance. Our experts take care about your body.


  • Total
  • Relaxing
  • Anti-cellulite
  • Lymph draining
  • Thai massage for legs
  • Massage with manual therapy
  • Hardware massage Skintonic

Ivo Pitanguy procedures

Comfort relaxing. Anti-stress (body massage for 90 minutes)
Light relaxing body massage with forming and consolidating cream. Your body is sating with fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6, vitamins and minerals because of unique extracts of Amazonian plants which are used in treatment since olden days. This procedure will even be comfortable for very sensitive skin. Essential oils of Brazil plants will deep you in light regenerative dream.

Body slenderness (body care for 90 minutes)
In this procedure for body rejuvenation and weight loss the high emphasis is placing on décolleté and breast area. You will be impressed by miracle effect of special massage and pulling up Lifting Bust Formula cream with Centella asiatica and anemarena extracts, white mulberry and nacre elements for lifting effect and abating nevus pigmentosis.

Body harmony (body care for 90 minutes)
Complex procedure for metabolic stimulation. Extracts of exotic Amazonian plants will drain toxins, moisture, soften and consolidate the skin. Protecting yrykum extracts are blending together with anti-aging calcium, magnesium and vitamin C. Absolute Formula pulling up the skin and nacre elements give it shine. This procedure is highly recommended before publication.

Perfect hands (20 minutes)
Deep velvet peeling with shell rock sand, pawpaw juice, and jojoba oil gives your hands smooth tone without nevus pigmentosis and ideal sleekness. Perfect effect is fixing by forming immediate lifting cream Hands Beauty Formula with brazil maraquia oil for deep moisture, skin nourish and nails strength.

Easy legs (40 minutes)
After splendid Legs Beauty Formula gel with Amazonian guarana and fig-tree extracts you will feel exclusive easiness. Pleasing massage takes away weariness and stress, as well as stimulates blood circulation and prevents lymphostasis.


Moscow sensation
In NP Beauty salon in Moscow you can find exclusive cosmetics of the well-known plastic surgeon Ivo Pitanguy, who seems to be like Michelangelo of surgeon.

Youth, tenderness, elasticity and comfort
The unique treatment for face and body.


Hardware vacuum massage Skintonic
Different procedures for face and bodycare are available using Skintonic.
Hardware vacuum massage Skintonic
Different procedures for face and bodycare are available using Skintonic.


Cosmetics line by Ivo Pitanguys clinic
Resting upon the priceless experience of Ivo Pitanguys clinic the cosmetic PREVIOUSE and BODYCARE line was created in the magic world, where the fine gesture of the plastic surgeon is like the gesture of beauty, where all operations are beauty therapy, doctors skills based on science.
Golden powder bodycare
Based on the mixture of Carite nuts oil and golden powder.
Gold mask KIN PAK
Gold mask is the up-to-date work of art by jewellery and cosmetician specialists.

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