Make up

Your skin is toned up thanks to ideal massage, and breaths thanks to cosmeticians. Hairdresser inhales fresh color in your hairs. But in spite all these, looking at the mirror you feel incompleteness of the image, you want to change something to be fully satisfied of personal perfection. You will be surprised but this obtains in a few times. Trust in professional hands of visagiste for 15 minutes. Just relax and observe ... harmony birth, getting audacious freshness, your perfect face. Before your very eyes your skin will shine, wrinkles disappear, cheeks are more shaped, and fresh ruddiness will move away thoughts about Moscow smog, your view becoming enigmatical… Bronze skin with berry lips, noble paleness with deep rapacious eyes, lip’s gloss with tender peachy powder … and further individual solutions of your beauty. The result will be only one – heady feeling of personal temptation. How is it possible?! Because our style masters have been studying and working for a long time – being backstage of fashion shows, during photo sessions of glossy magazines, attending seminars by Olivier Ashodmaison, art-director of famous “Guerlain” house. And now our team uses their skills while creating clients’ images. Probably it will be interesting for you to get acquainting with masters’ secrets and tricks thanks to which face changes so easily and quick. In this case we could offer you to attend master-class lessons where you will be matched the complete color cosmetics spectrum and will be taught different make up techniques.

Moreover if you have spare time our visagistes help you in eyebrow lines correction, eyelashes and eyebrows coloration, intensify eyelashes by unique American technology, make express-mask or slight face massage.


Moscow sensation
In NP Beauty salon in Moscow you can find exclusive cosmetics of the well-known plastic surgeon Ivo Pitanguy, who seems to be like Michelangelo of surgeon.

Youth, tenderness, elasticity and comfort
The unique treatment for face and body.


Hardware vacuum massage Skintonic
Different procedures for face and bodycare are available using Skintonic.
Hardware vacuum massage Skintonic
Different procedures for face and bodycare are available using Skintonic.


Cosmetics line by Ivo Pitanguy’s clinic
Resting upon the priceless experience of Ivo Pitanguy’s clinic the cosmetic PREVIOUSE and BODYCARE line was created in the magic world, where the fine gesture of the plastic surgeon is like the gesture of beauty, where all operations are beauty therapy, doctors’ skills based on science.
Golden powder bodycare
Based on the mixture of Carite nut’s oil and golden powder.
Gold mask KIN PAK
Gold mask is the up-to-date work of art by jewellery and cosmetician specialists.

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