Ivo Pitanguy

“Intensive lifting” (90 minutes)
Velvet pilling with ultrathin powder, skin consolidation by buttermilk and masks for face, eyes and neck. And as culmination — cocoon DERMOMASK with kaolin, beeswax, abessy, argan and babassy oils. Immediate visual effect — your skin is pulling up, wrinkles are smoothing.

“Youth secret” (face and neck care for 75 minutes)
Deep peeling and purgation bring shine to your skin. Skinwhite buttermilk on basis of mulberry extracts, sorrel, licorice abates the pigmentation and smooth skin tint. Mask, lotion and buttermilk complex for face, eyes and neck assure immediate lifting effect and from within skin consolidation. During the procedure your skin is relaxing and wrinkles are vanishing.

“Silk veil” (neck and décolleté care for 45 minutes)
Relaxing procedure for neck and décolleté caring for immediate renovation. Skin is toning up and keeping with the help of fashion mask and buttermilk based of vegetative extracts and oils. Based upon your skin problems cosmetician will choose skinwhite or lifting buttermilk. While your face is resting with mask, your hands are pampering by massage with cream based upon brazil maraquia — and becoming smooth like silk.

“Elegant silhouette” (décolleté care for 70 minutes)
The unique procedure for intensive breast, décolleté and hands lifting. In this procedure the most famous products by Beauty Clinica Ivo Pitanguy are used: renew Dermomask with kaolin, abessy, argan and babassy oils for immediate skin shining, pulling up cream for breast and décolleté Lifting Bust Formula with Centella asiatica extracts, white mulberry and nacre elements for breast lifting effect, and hands cream Hands Beauty Formula with brazil maraquia oil for abating nevus pigmentosis.


Moscow sensation
In NP Beauty salon in Moscow you can find exclusive cosmetics of the well-known plastic surgeon Ivo Pitanguy, who seems to be like Michelangelo of surgeon.

Youth, tenderness, elasticity and comfort
The unique treatment for face and body.


Hardware vacuum massage Skintonic
Different procedures for face and bodycare are available using Skintonic.
Hardware vacuum massage Skintonic
Different procedures for face and bodycare are available using Skintonic.


Cosmetics line by Ivo Pitanguy’s clinic
Resting upon the priceless experience of Ivo Pitanguy’s clinic the cosmetic PREVIOUSE and BODYCARE line was created in the magic world, where the fine gesture of the plastic surgeon is like the gesture of beauty, where all operations are beauty therapy, doctors’ skills based on science.
Golden powder bodycare
Based on the mixture of Carite nut’s oil and golden powder.
Gold mask KIN PAK
Gold mask is the up-to-date work of art by jewellery and cosmetician specialists.

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