Face care with the guerlain’s formula

Private space, personal intimate area,
Art of life: is a skill of personal care
By the Guerlain’s formula.

If compare caring with Guerlain is like Rolls Royce car’s level. Caring with Guerlain is a pleasing and effective beauty & health union.

Express care
Advantages: face moistening and clarification, skin balance recovery, smoothing complexion, mat skin tinting, keeping the skin.
Duration: 45 minutes.
Recommendations: for business people who want required result in a limited period of time.
Result: renewed skin’s resilience and elasticity.

Complete care
Advantages: goes well together with express care, adding up has highly active concentrates which control skin glands activity, deeply influence upon wrinkles, raising skin elasticity. Suitable for all types of skin.
Duration: 75 minutes.
Recommendations: for pioneer visitors and those who want all-embracing care.
Result: perfect face oval, deeply nourished skin, moisture and comfort.

«Orchidee Imperiale» care
Advantages: distinguish by using two special masks which tonic and moisture the skin as well as incomparable smoothing effect. Renew softness and delicacy of the skin, intensify metabolic process, protect and moisture skin for long.
Duration: 90 minutes.
Recommendations: for fastidious and active clients looking for ultra effective facilities. For clients need sometime skin renewal.
Result: your skin is smooth, uniform, shining, toned and living.

Exclusive Imperial Guertain care includes the unique massage with Imperial cream, which has been developing in the Guertain institute for 2 years. Massage art include smooth ataractic motions, which drive away tension, stress, temper built up in our organism because of environmental adverse conditions.
Duration: 90 minutes.
Result: blood circulation is stimulating, tissue oxygenation is improving on, hastening the active substance’s penetration, and as a result you get a shot of positive emotions.

Fresh complexion on summer, energy, sexuality and good mood — all that you get with the sun. And in absentia of it — with Terracotta.
Only with Terracotta you will get natural tan in an hour. The cream is easy to apply, dry fast and specialize with your skin color. You’re getting natural complexion, freshness and shine, purity and protection from ultra-violet rays. With vitamin E and sun aroma.
Autotan cream is applying over the whole body or locally, using/without pilling as per your requirements.
Autotan cream Terracotta is ideal for men, it imparts athletic healthy appearance, soften and moisture the skin, has anti-aging effect, is pleasant for applying.


Moscow sensation
In NP Beauty salon in Moscow you can find exclusive cosmetics of the well-known plastic surgeon Ivo Pitanguy, who seems to be like Michelangelo of surgeon.

Youth, tenderness, elasticity and comfort
The unique treatment for face and body.


Hardware vacuum massage Skintonic
Different procedures for face and bodycare are available using Skintonic.
Hardware vacuum massage Skintonic
Different procedures for face and bodycare are available using Skintonic.


Cosmetics line by Ivo Pitanguy’s clinic
Resting upon the priceless experience of Ivo Pitanguy’s clinic the cosmetic PREVIOUSE and BODYCARE line was created in the magic world, where the fine gesture of the plastic surgeon is like the gesture of beauty, where all operations are beauty therapy, doctors’ skills based on science.
Golden powder bodycare
Based on the mixture of Carite nut’s oil and golden powder.
Gold mask KIN PAK
Gold mask is the up-to-date work of art by jewellery and cosmetician specialists.

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