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This is my world of quietness, perfect relaxing and splendid feelings. With all my heart I want to thank the salons stuff, which helps me and other people to look beautiful. Sincerely - to everybody for long-long years.
Nicolay Baskov

Dear NP Beauty Studio Guerlain colleagues! Please, accept my admiration and gratefulness for your kind accent, caring and delightful art of beauty giving.
In your salon I had a good time and a perfect rest in bright and warm atmosphere.
Anastasia Volochkova

Im so glad about meeting with you, so glad that in Moscow there are such high quality salons! I fall in love at first sight!
Oksana Magylina

It is the most luxuriant body massage I ever tried! Masters have magical hands, most pleasing and professional!
Viktoria Davydova (Vogue magazine)

Hearty thanks to everybody! - NP Beauty Studio stuff, world level specialists. You teach people to love and respect themselves, and this is very important!
Eduard Dorogkin (Cult of Personality magazine)

Thank you very much for your professionalism and that you love your work!
Dmitry Khvorostovsky

Bravo, bravo, bravo!! Perfect salons, professional stuff, marvelous lines!
Forever Yours - Larisa Udovichenko

To Irina, cosmetician: Irina, you gave me an opportunity to feel myself like anew birth!


Moscow sensation
In NP Beauty salon in Moscow you can find exclusive cosmetics of the well-known plastic surgeon Ivo Pitanguy, who seems to be like Michelangelo of surgeon.

Youth, tenderness, elasticity and comfort
The unique treatment for face and body.


Hardware vacuum massage Skintonic
Different procedures for face and bodycare are available using Skintonic.
Hardware vacuum massage Skintonic
Different procedures for face and bodycare are available using Skintonic.


Cosmetics line by Ivo Pitanguys clinic
Resting upon the priceless experience of Ivo Pitanguys clinic the cosmetic PREVIOUSE and BODYCARE line was created in the magic world, where the fine gesture of the plastic surgeon is like the gesture of beauty, where all operations are beauty therapy, doctors skills based on science.
Golden powder bodycare
Based on the mixture of Carite nuts oil and golden powder.
Gold mask KIN PAK
Gold mask is the up-to-date work of art by jewellery and cosmetician specialists.

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